Send big files to another desktop via takeafile

Send big files to another desktop via takeafile

E-mails have some limitation it doesn’t allow to send big files. if you want to send big files to another desktop, takeafile is free web service that will help you to transfer big files to another desktop via browser. To send files drag and drop a file to takeafile web page and then URL will be created. Send this URL to anybody. When the other person clicks this link the transfer process will begin. Web page must be open until

Useful android Apps under 1MB

Now a days, every phones have 3MB ram and 16 GB storeage. If you are using old or low cost phones its ram and storage space is very less.You cannot install new apps and update apps. Then, you can find some difficulties in usages. You will get lots of android

Jerky Motion 3D mobile animation tool

Jerky Motion is 3D mobile animation tool that help you to create 3D animations from mobile. It is a free Android Apps and easily download from play store. You don't need skills for creating animations. After creating the animation you can save as mp.4 format .You can upload these videos

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