Test your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code online via mooshell

If you want to test your HTML, CSS and JavaScript, mooshell is a free web service that allow to writing and testing HTML, CSS and Javascript online. It is very simple and no sign up is required for using mooshell.

To get start simply go mooshell website type your code in code box and click “Run” button the result will appear soon. If you click “save new” button you will get a URL this can shared with others.

Ninite download Multiple Software Applications via Single Installer

If you are format or upgrade your system you may lose your favourite software applications from your pc. Searching and installing latest versions of your favourite applications will lose your time. Ninite is a free web service that will help you to download your favourite applications. You can download your favourite software applications via few mouse clicks

Ninite allows to download most useful free software applications. It categories the software applications it include Browsers, Messaging, Imaging, Documents, Anti Virus, File Sharing etc.

To download application go to ninite website select your application scroll down the web page click “Get installer” button and allow to download exe file.

Screencast-o-matic record high quality screencast online without install any software

Screencast-o-matic is a free web tool that will help you to record their computer screen. It records your screen without download or installs any software. Screencast-o-matic requires java it handle the recording via Java applet.

To get start go to Screencast-o-matic website simply click “Create” button and allow to run java then a box will appear in the screen you can resize and move this box as your wish. It allows you to record screens in different resolution and set your microphone for recording sound. Screencast-o-matic allows to record Screencast upto 15 minutes.

After finish your recording you can download or upload it into YouTube or Screencast-o-matic website. Screencast-o-matic creates high quality movies. When you recording a screen your mouse click will be spotted in a circle.

Watermark your images online via Picmarkr

Picmarkr is a free web tool that will help you to watermark your images. It is very simply and easy to use. No sign up is required for using it. Picmarkr allows you to water mark your Flickr, Facebook, and Picasa accounts.

After upload your image Picmarkr provides three types of watermarks text watermark, image watermark and tiled watermark. After finish your work you can download the watermarked image into your computer easily. Files must be 25mb or less and watermark up to 5 images simultaneously.

Store your files online and share with others via filesanywhere

Filesanywhere is a free online service that will allows you to store files online and share with others. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. You can easily upload your files into Filesanywhere. It provides lots of option for managing files easily.

You can upload music, videos or documents etc. After upload your file you can view that documents in webpage. If you want to send the upload files into other Filesanywhere provide a link these link can b shared to other. If you want more security in links Filesanywhere provide an option to add password in links the will open only after entering the password. This link will expire after 30 days. Your uploaded files can be download in original format or zip files.

You can upload your photos and music in Filesanywhere if you add lots photos in your account you can make a slideshow of photos and you can also play music.

You can add contacts in Filesanywhere this will help you to send your files contacts easily. You can create a team for sending files.

Filesanywhere provide three types of plans Web Advanced Plan, Web Basic Plan and Free Plan. Free plan provide 1 GB storage.

Watch your Favorite Sites on a Single Page via matthiasschuetz pageslider

If you want to watch your Favorite web sites in single webpage, matthiasschuetz pageslider is free web tools that will allows watch your websites in single page. It creates a bookmarklet for quickly accessing web pages. No sign and download is required for using matthiasschuetz pageslider.

To get start simply type your Favorite web site’s URL in matthiasschuetz pageslider web site and click “Drag ‘n’ Drop Bookmarklet” button. Then you can view your sites in single page. Simply scroll your mouse and watch site one by one. You can add sites one by one or import them from browser or Delicious bookmarks.

Biword free online storage and share files with others

Biword is a free web service that will help you store files and share to others. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No sign up is required for using biword

You can simply upload files into biword after your upload you will get direct link and embed code .direct link can be used to sent files and embed code help you to embed the link of uploaded files in your webpage. If you want to send files via email click the direct link of upload files here you can see a button “send this files to friend”.

Sketchfu create images online and share with others

Sketchfu is a free web tool that will help you to draw pictures online and share with others. You can draw pictures very simply. After creation of your drawing you can share with others via email or other social networking sites. If you want to download your draw sketchfu allow you to download your draw as a PNG format.

You can create lots of pictures all the pictures are save in your profile you can view this pictures one by one. When you view your draw it will play like a videos you can see your draw staring stage onwards to ending stage. You can play your draw in different speed.

All the created pictures are in publish in sketchfu gallery anybody can comment and edit your images. If you want to lock your images from editing sketchfu provide an option to allow other to draw and don’t allow others to draw.

Vorbeo simply to create polls on website and find out your visitors opinion

Vorbeo is a free web service that generates a free poll for your website to find out your visitors opinion. It is very simply to create polls no sign up is required for creating polls in vorbeo.

To create polls first go to vorbeo website simply type your questions in “Enter Question Text” box and type answers one by one in “Enter Answers” box. Finally you will get a embed code this code can be embed on your website where you want to display polls. Vorbeo allows you to change the Width of poll box and background colour it makes polls more attractive.

Virustotal scan your files online via 40 antivirus engines

Sometimes you may get files from mail these files may be infected by any virus or Trojan, or any malware. If you want to scan your files online, VirusTotal is online services that help you to scan your individual files online. it is very simple and no download is required for using VirusTotal.

When you scan a file online VirusTotal will scan more than 40 antivirus engines it includes Kaspersky, McAfee, NOD32, AVG etc. After scan your files the result will appear each antivirus engines result one by one.

Duckmylife create shoot ducks in your website

Duckmylife is a free web app that will help you create duck on your blog or website. You can shot this duck through your mouse. No sign up and no download is required for using Duckmylife.

Users can simply drag the bookmarklet on the bookmarks bar and click it so that ducks will appear on any site. Duckmylife provide a JavaScript add the code line of HTML to your template the duck will appear.