Chatride chat other without installing any software

If you want to chat a person without installing any software, chatride is a free web service that will allow you video chat to a person. Chatride is work on your browser it is very simple and easy to use anybody. No sign up and download is required for using it

To get start simply go to chatride web site click on “Start a call” then you will get a URL, this will be shared to others for chat. It provides adjustment for audio and video capture devices. In chatride you can see both videos it means your videos and friend’s video also view at a same time. You can view videos in full screen mode.

Search multiple search engines via letzfind

Sometimes you may search topic in different search engines. If you want to search different search engine at a same time, letzfind is a web service that will allows you to search top search engines via simple mouse clicks. The search engines include Google, Bing, ask, Yahoo etc.
It helps you to search in categories searching it means you can search blog, books, download, jobs etc. To start your search simply type your keyword in letzfind website and click “Search” button then result will appear. Top part of the web page you can see different search engine’s buttons simply click on button the result of the search will appear.

Create panoramic images via dermandar

If you want to joint panoramas images, dermandar is a free online service that will help you joint panoramas. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No sign up is required for using it.

To create panoramic image simply upload your images into dermandar website after sometimes you will get panoramic images. Your panoramic images can zoom, turn left and right, turn up and down etc via your mouse.

Makeitmp3 convert online videos into MP3 or MP4

Makeitmp3 is a free online tool that will help you to convert your videos into MP3 or MP4 format. It allows you to download videos from Youtube, metacafe, google videos, photobucket, and yahoo videos.

To download video simply paste URL of the video in makeitmp3 website selects setting for audio and video finally click on “Convert” button then it will start conversion and will provide download link. If you provide e-mail address they will sent email after the conversion complete.

Gpanion easy access of Google apps

Gpanion is a free web service that helps you to access most common Google apps. You can Sign up gpanion via your Google password and user name. It is very simply and easy to use anybody. No download is required for using it. You can access your apps via simple mouse clicks.


The first page of the gpanion exist 14 apps if you want more apps simply click “More apps” then you will 33 other apps. The apps view like grid form .Once you login to gpanion you can access other apps via simple mouse clicks.

If you want to search in Google you can see a tab for search simply click on that then the Google search bar will appear .Here you can search like Google it include all the options in Google search.

Create temporary web pages via Pageeasy

Pageeasy is a free web service that will help you to create temporary web pages. You can create webpage without writing any code. It is very easy to use anybody. Once you sign up pageeasy you can easily creates web pages.

You can simply copy paste HTML code into pageeasy and create web pages. You can insert images, videos, buttons etc. After create your web page your will get URL like this Your web page will expire after one year.

Split your long tweet into small tweets

Long-tweets is twitter based free web service that will help you to sent long tweet. You can login long-tweets via your existing twitter user name and password.

To start your long tweets simply type your tweet in long-tweets web site and finally click “Tweet” button then your tweet will post in your twitter account. Your long tweet is split into small tweets and posts it continuously.

Mange your files online via Myweboo

Myweboo is a free web service that will allows you to mange files in facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Amazon S3, Photobucket, Myspace,youtube etc. You can easily upload and download files from myweboo. You can create an account in myweboo access files.

Myweboo provides 1GB files storage in files storage you can work like your PC. Here you can upload your photos, spreadsheet, documents, and presentations. You can also bookmark your favorite WebPages.
Myweboo allow you to download PC connector that will help you to access you computer anywhere from the web using the connector. You can monitor your recent activities via MyWebtop.

Another important feature is email client it allows you to access your email account through POP3.

Twtaniv find your joint date in twitter

If you want to know when you joint on twitter, twtaniv will help you to find the joint date of twitter. No sign up is required for using it.

To find joint date simply type your twitter id in twtaniv web site and click “Submit” button then you can see the joint date.

Keep your passwords online via logaway

You are maintaining many accounts online every account need a user name and password, to remember password of each account is a difficult task. Logaway is a free web service that helps you to keep all passwords in one place.

You can easily create an account in Logaway. It provides more security on login because you must enter password and Logaway Key at the time of login. After your sign up you can search your site via different categories. You can search site from list and add icon in logaway. If your sites not include the list you can add site themselves. After add your site you can save username and password.

Translate your office document via onlinedoctranslator

Onlinedoctranslator is a free web service that will allows you to translate your office document into different languages. It translates your Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and text documents. It translates more than 50 languages. No sign up and download is required for using it.
To translate your files simply upload into onlinedoctranslator web site after sometimes you will get translated file. It quickly accept and send files because it works in your browser and uses Java mainly to accept file uploads and send back downloads. No limit for files size.

Fast way to search Google via keyboardr

If you want to search Google in fast way, keyboardr is a free web service that will allows you to search fast. It is very simple and easy to use anybody.

When you start the search the search result will appear soon not need to click search button.
You can also set integrated search result from top web site like Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube etc.