Convert Android phone into Gps Tracker

Mobilegpslocator is Android app that will help you to convert your Android Smartphone into a Perfect Gps uses most Advanced RealTime Tracking Algorithm which always knows your current position. If there is no Gps Signal, it will respond with the last position before loosing the Gps Signal.

Mobilegpslocator is a paid service it provides 10 days trail. It works with Android2.1 and more. You can simply install Mobilegpslocator. It provides important feature like Panic Button, Smart engine and Security. Panic Button offer consecutive times will send a message to the registered numbers with the word “help” and a link to a map showing the exact location of the device.

Smart engine service stores in the phone’s memory the last position. In the event that the GPS signal is lost, you can locate the device at address of the location the time right before the signal was lost.

Security means mobile phone is stolen and a different SIM card is installed, a message is automatically and discretely sent to the registered numbers, revealing the phone number that corresponds to the new SIM card.

Download video from video streaming sites

Ovget is a free web service that will help you to download videos from several streaming sites. It includes YouTube, PutLocker, SockShare, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Veoh, Vimeo, VideoWeed, NovaMov, MovShare, NowVideo, GorillaVid, VidBux, DaClips, StageVu, VeeHD, Facebook and many others.

To download video simply paste URL of the video in ovget website and click “Download” button then you will get download link for different format here you can select which format you want. You must allow to run java application for using this service.

View updates from your entire social networks one place

Most of them keep up more than social networks. Login to all these social networking sites is a difficult task. Yoono webapp is a chrome extension that will allow you to connect all important social networking sites easily. You can update your status and share links, images and video from the page you’re viewing across all your networks simultaneously.

You can easily install Yoono webapp into your browser. It support for multiple accounts set up for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and more. You can simply add Yoono webapp on your browser. After install this extension you can login to your social network sites.

iMacros record your browsing activities

If you want to record all the activities on a browser, iMacros is free chrome extension that will allow you to record your repeated browsing activities. You can simply add iMacros extension on your browser. iMacros extension allows you to record browsing activities. The next time you need to do it, the entire macro will run at the click of a button.

To record your activities install iMacros on your browser then an icon will appear on the browser. Click on icon and record your activities.After record your activities click on play button macro will run. You can quickly and easily fill forms, remember passwords, create automated download & upload, data Extraction and more. You can keep the macros on your computer for your own use. iMacros supports Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

Click here for Google Chrome

Click here for Mozilla Firefox

Twitter Voice write tweet from your voice

Now a days most of them will use Twitter, but type your tweets each time is a difficult task. Twitter Voice is an Android app that will help you to write your tweets via your speech without use your keyboard.

You can simply install Twitter Voice in your phone after the installation speech your tweet and the “Twitter Voice” identify and publish it. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. You can tweet easily while you are in work or driving.

Videoripper download videos from video sites is a free web service that will allows downloading online videos. It supports most common video sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MySpaceTV etc. You can download videos in different formats it includes flv, mp4, 3gp and mp3 formats.

To download videos simply paste URL of the video in videoripper website and click “Rip” then you will get download link for different formats. For using this service you must allow to run java plugin.

Easily view and share files online via jumpshare

You can see lot of file sharing services, but jumpshare different from these file sharing services you can view your files in jumpshare. In other words you can view your documents and photos online. You can also play videos and audio in jumpshare. No sign up is required for using service.

You can simply Drag & Drop Files files into jumpshare after the Drag & Drop you can view your files on your browser. jumpshare will support most common files formats. When your upload in complete you will get a URL this used for share files to others. Total size of all files uploaded should not exceed 2GB.The maximum file size you can upload is 100MB.All files are kept for 14 days after which they are automatically deleted.