Directly transfer data to one mobile into another mobile via Wondershare MobileTrans

Most of them change their mobile phone one or two times in a year. For changing new phone you need to transfer your old phone’s data into new phone without data loss. It is a difficult task for copy each file and restore into new phone. Wondershare MobileTrans is software that will help you to directly transfer data to one mobile into another mobile. It will copy contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps. Move data between multiple phones based on Android, Symbian and iOS.

To transfer data first you install the Wondershare MobileTrans on your system. Connect two devices to your computer via USB cables. Run Wondershare MobileTrans then your devices are connected to Wondershare MobileTrans. Select which data want to transfer and finally click “Start Copy” button. Then they can be fully copied to your destination phone.
Wondershare MobileTrans

Boost blocks unnecessary programs and increase the performance of the PC

Boost is software that will help you to increase the performance of the PC. It blocks unnecessary programs from consuming system resources and affecting vital programs. when your system is slow don’t reboot, simply give your PC an instantaneous Boost with just one click. Boost helps to restore the performance of your PC by removing crapware, bloatware, trialware, bundleware, and adware.

When a program or Windows crashes, Boost can quickly analyze, troubleshoot and find a solution to prevent future crashes by identifying and correcting the cause of problems. Boost helps you gain back control of this clutter by automatically freeing up the number of unnecessary files on your hard disk, and allowing your computer run at full potential again.

Boost automatically removing unnecessary start-up programs as well as empowering you to make informed decisions of which programs are truly needed, Boost cuts down your boot time and saves you precious system resources.
Boost disappear links after a certain number of views is a free web service that will help you to disappear links after a certain number of people have seen it. In other words when the view reached after a certain number the link will be automatically disappeared. No sign up is required for using this service.

To make links simply upload your files into website and set Max views and make link then you will get a link this used for share files. Views reached Max the link will be automatically disappeared. You can upload image files and video files only.

Schedule programs run time via Freebyte Task Scheduler

Most of them everyday open some programs and do work on it. Are you want schedule these programs run on specific time. Freebyte Task Scheduler is a program that will help you to start programs automatically, periodically and at pre-defined times. This program functions very well in combination with backup software like Freebyte Backup, disk fragmenters, virus scanners and other regularly scheduled functions.

It a portable application not needs to install just copy the executable file into a directory of your choice. You can add programs in Freebyte Task Scheduler when you add programs you need to select whether you want to run it once, daily, or weekly. It is not able to run files such as text file, executable files, pdf, images, videos etc.This program runs on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, 98, NT, ME, Linux/wine and all 64 bit editions of Windows.
Freebyte Task Scheduler

Delete unnecessary files on computer via Reboot Delete File Ex

You can see many unnecessary files on your computer but you can’t delete these files when you try to delete these files these type of messages will appear cannot delete file, another person use files, Access denied etc. Reboot Delete File Ex is freeware that will help you to delete this kinds of files.

You can easily install Reboot Delete File Ex on your system after the installation a tray will appear browse the folders and select the files you want to remove then press the ‘Delete File’ button and restart the system the files will be removed. It supports Windows 8,7,Vista and XP operating systems.
Reboot Delete File Ex

Store unread webpage for reading via Read Later Fast

When you search on internet you will get many webpage but you can’t get time to read all these WebPages. Do you want store unread WebPages for read. Read Later Fast is Chrome extension that will allow storing WebPages for read.

You can simply add Read Later Fast on your Chrome browser after the installation .You can see a “Read later “button on browser click on the button your webpages will store on its Archive list. Here you can select pages one by one.

Read Later Fast