Automatically connect your device into wifi via Wefi

Wefi is software that offer automatically connect to wifi. You will get many hotspots you don’t which one is the strongest? Which one is the safest?. WeFi app eliminates the need of manually selecting and trying out every WiFi networks. Instead, Through WeFi, you’re Wi-Fi enabled device will automatically locate a strong Wi-Fi spot and connect you to it, no questions asked.

WeFi Client is working automatically in the background, connecting your device to the best available network – Wi-Fi or cellular, requiring no user intervention or actions most of the time. At times, WeFi Client will show notification icon, prompting you to perform some action that will further improve your device connectivity.

Your wifi password is secure in wefi, passwords are stored securely on your device and WeFi Client has no way to know it. Wefi automatically connected to all time you should stop wifi.Wefi currently support Android version 2.1 and higher, Windows XP/Vista/7 and Symbian.

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