AVG Linkscanner safe searching in search engines

avg-linkscannerAVG has released a new Link Scanner .Its purpose is to scan all results of the supported Internet search engines (Yahoo!, Google, MSN), and provide you with an evaluation of a safety level of each found website. At the same time, the LinkScanner also checks all Internet addresses typed into the address bar of your browser, or linked on other websites.

Once installed AVG Linkscanner will automatically scan search result lists in popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo. It will query a database maintained by AVG that returns a safety rating for each website in the results. A green icon indicates a safe website whereas a red icon indicates danger.

Green flags will show you the IP address, the amount of time the scan took, and the date and time of the most recent scan. Red flags highlight the same information, as well as the risk category and the site name.Link Scanner scan all links in bookmarks, email and Instant messengers also.

Link scan will not affect the speed of the search because it works internally. it available for the Windows operating system compatible with the Internet Explorer and Firefox web browser.

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