AVG Mobilation protect against virus and theft for Smartphones and Tablets

Now a days most of them keep their documents in Tablets and Smartphones. Security of the Tablets and Smartphones is very important.AVG provides free Antivirus for Android Smartphones and Tablets. It will detects harmful SMS & Apps automatically Anti-Virus Free protects your phone from viruses, malware & exploits in real-time.

It will protect viruses and spam as well as lock, locate and wipe features if your smartphone or tablet is ever lost or stolen. You can scan whole device and identify and remove viruses with a simple click and you can set scan for weekly, daily, or on demand. If you are decide to download app check apps for malware before downloading from app store. It will check website content, emails, and SMS for malware before downloading to device.

if you lost your phone AVG help you to locate your lost or stolen phone and help you find it via Google maps. Lock your phone remotely via our Mobile Control Panel or by sending SMS to your phone to protect your data.AVG will back up contacts, call logs, bookmarks, text and media messages to your SD card.

Download AVG Mobilation click here

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