Block unwanted sites and words from Chrome

Sometimes you need to block some sites, Block site is Chrome Extension that will allows you to block unwanted sites on browser. You can simply install Block site on your Chrome Browser after the installation you can block sites as well as block words.

When you try to access blocked sites set another redirect page, you can do it for each website separate or set a default redirect page. Whenever the blocked word appears somewhere in the URL, it will be automatically blocked. It gives you list of Adult related” blocked words, which will block the predefined bad words and profanity filter.

You can set specific date and time for block sites. Another important function Uninstall Protection, It prevents uninstall the extension. It works very simple, you just set the password, activate it. You will have to input a password to access the list of chrome extension therefore the Block site is uninstallable. If you forget password no way how to recover it and you will need to go through a quite complicated process.

Block  sites

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