BumpTop make 3D interface on your desktop

If you want to create a 3D effect on your desktop, BumpTop is a fresh, innovative 3D desktop user interface that lets you stay organized and share your files and photos from your desktop naturally and easily.

BumpTop makes managing and organizing the files on your desktop easier. Conventional desktops simply display files in a grid pattern with all files appearing equal – from your most frequently used files to your least.

You can even flick your mouse to “toss” files to programs or group files into a pile, like stacking all your PDF files together. Special photo frames on the walls show slideshows of photos from PC folders or feeds from photo Web sites like Flickr or Picasa.

BumpTop currently support XP, Vista, and Windows 7 they plan to develop Mac or Linux versions.

To see the function of Bumptop watch this video

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