Turn your mobile into scanner via CamScanner

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator is an android app that will help you to turn your phone as a scanner.You can simply scan multiple pages into one document. When you capture image it automatically crop and enhance its colour quality.

Simply take a picture of any paper documents such as Newspaper, poster, coupon, receipts, whiteboards or notes. CamScanner can auto-crop image, enhance your image quality and create PDF file. And the scanned documents can be shared via Email, faxed via Internet, uploaded to cloud like Dropbox, Google Doc and Box.net.

Recover deleted images from android phone

Every smart phone have high quality camera. Most of the people keep their important images on their mobiles. Unfortunately it may delete by mistake. If you want to recover deleted images from your phone, DiskDigger is a free android app that will help you to recover deleted images.

DiskDigger help you to recover deleted images from your Android device internal memory or memory card. It will recover images from reformatted memory card also. It will recover JPG and PNG files only.

You can easily download DiskDigger into your mobile after the installation you can scan your device after the scan you can see your deleted images here you can save or email images.

Download DiskDigger click here

Control your SMS in pc via PC – Lite

If you want to send and read SMS from your PC.SMS From PC – Lite is a free android that will allow manage SMS from your PC without touch your mobile.

First you need to download their desktop client before you download the Android app. After the installation you send messages easily. When you receive a new SMS a notification will pop up at your computer with the contact image and name. You can control its ring volume. You must turn on always wifi for work.

Download PC – Lite click here.

Onavo Extend reduce size of internet date

Internet usage of mobiles phones is increasing every day. Data plans for smartphones limited by its usage. Onavo Extend is android that will help you to reduce size of date. You can easily download your phone. It work with Android versions 4.0 and plus.

After the installation of the app it works in background and compressing the internet data. It helps you to reduce data size. It helps you to save money and browser more data.

Download Onavo Extend click here

Cell Tracker track locations you have visited

Cell Tracker is a free Android app that help you to Track the locations you have visited. No GPS required for tracing. The application collects location information once every 0.5 hours through GPRS or Wi-Fi.

To check the locations visited you have to launch the app and click on “View Now”.Track all the locations you have visited in the last few days with your Android phone.

Download Cell Tracker click here.

Tweet without type via Twitter Voice

Twitter Voice is a Android app that will help you to tweet without type. In other word write tweets without keyboard it writes word from your voice. The application converts your voice into text. These texts post into your twitter account.

To post tweet simply go to the application click “Record” button and speak after the process convert your voice into text then click “Send” button to publish your tweets.

Download Twitter Voice click here

Control your pc via Bluetooth Remote PC

If you want to control you pc via mobile phone, Bluetooth Remote PC is an android app that will allow you to remotely control your PC. You can control your programs from limited distance. You can control mouse, keyboard, multimedia etc.

For connection download the server to your computer a turn on your Bluetooth on the PC. Extract downloaded file and launch Remote PC Server.jar. Run application in your mobile and paired the devices.

It will supports Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP,Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

Download Bluetooth Remote PC click here

AirDroid manage and control your android device from browser

AirDroid is an android app that will help you to control your android device from your browser. You can transfer files between Android devices and computer. This app allow you complete control of your device and manage all the functions it includes files, SMS, Applications, Photos, Contacts etc.

For using this service first download and install AirDroid app on your Android devices. You can easily mange your SMS here you can read, send, delete or rename SMS’s. You can also Install and uninstall applications. You can do all activities like your mobile phone.

After the installation and run the app it will give IP address and dynamic password. Insert this IP address and dynamic password in your browser.

AirDroid should be compatible with Android 2.1 or later(4.0 is not well supported yet).The browsers compatible with Chrome 12 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, Safari 5.0 or later. Better performance IE is not recommended.

Download AirDroid click here

Turn your android mobile phone into a wireless webcam via DroidCam Webcam

Sometimes you need to turn your mobile into webcam. DroidCam Webcam is an android app that help you to turn your android mobile phone into a wireless webcam and connect through WiFi network.

To turn mobile into webcam first install DroidCam Android application into your mobile and small software to install in your pc. It currently supports Windows and Linux operating systems. It will support various video formats.After the installation of the software you can chat via your IM service(Skype/MSN/Yahoo etc.).It works on android 2.1 and plus.

Download DroidCam Webcam click here

Clean sms and calls details via Phone Cleaner

Every day you most of the people get lots of sms and calls. To clean these entries one by one is a difficult task. Phone Cleaner is a android app that will help you to clean sms and calls easily.

It will clean outgoing calls, incoming calls, missed calls and sms details also. Phone Cleaner will work on android 2.0 and plus devices.

Download phone cleaner click here

Protect your android phone via Avira Free Android Security

Most of the people keep their personal details in mobile phones sometime it may missing or stolen then you personal details may access the other persons. If you want to protect from moblie Avira Free Android Security is an android app that will protect your phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, it helps you recover the phone via GPS.

After the installation of Avira Free Android Security you must login into android.avira.com here you can access the phone details. If your phone is stolen logging on to the Web Console from any browser, you can trigger a loud noise from the device, even if it was in silent mode. Avira Free Android Security can locate your device’s signal and display its location on a Google map.

Sometimes your personal details may use other person. The Remote Lock feature locks the device from the web and can even display a message to the person who finds the device. Avira Free Android Security accommodates up to five devices on a single account.

Download Avira Free Android Security click here

Remotely control your computer via android device

Sometimes you may go out from the office you need to control your system from outside, TeamViewer for android is a free app that will help to control your system via your mobile. You can remotely access computers from your android device. This will help you to remotely view and control system.

You can control Windows, Mac and Linux operation systems. You just drag with finger to scroll mouse. Single-tapping is a left click, two-finger-tapping is a right click. Complete keyboard control incl. special keys such as Ctrl, Alt and Windows etc. You can access remote computers as well as reboot remote computers.

Download TeamViewer click here