Write SMS from your voice and send it

SMS is important part of mobile phone writing every SMS is a difficult task, Write SMS by Voice LITE is android app that will help you to write SMS from your voice and send to your contact. It is very simple and easy to use. You must have installed the Google Voice Search in your mobile.

For send SMS simple speak you message the message will appear on screen, say the contact name and send.

Download Write SMS click here

Forward mobile’s SMS and missed call into your Gmail account via SMS2Gmail

Sometimes you may forget your mobiles at home, that day you will lose your important SMS and calls.SMS2Gmail is a free Android apps that will allow you to forward all your SMS and missed calls into your Gmail account. If you forget your phone at home you can check your SMS and calls in your Gmail account. You can activate it remotely.

You can simply download SMS2Gmail into your Android phone after the installation enter you Gmail user name and password and finally set up an activation code by taping Activation keyword.

Download SMS2Gmail click here

Lock your android phone via shake

You must hard to press button for lock phone Shake Screen Off is a free android app help lock your screen with a simple shake. You can choose between Shake Lock Screen, Shake Screen Off, Shake Lock Phone, Shake Go Sleep, BetterSleep, and more. Every function is identified by shake, so no need to press power button again and again.

You can simply install it in your mobile phone, after that you can adjust the sensitivity according to your choice.


* Shake to lock screen, turn the screen off, Shake to go sleep, and more.

* Adjust sensibility.

Download Shake Screen Off click here

Undelete recover deleted files from Android phone

Sometimes you may delete unwanted files from your computer some files are very important you need to recover it. There are many free softwares for Windows to recover deleted files. Undelete is an application which can recover any type of deleted files on your Android phone. You can recover deleted files on your SD card and internal storage.

It will scan fastly and will not written over restored files. It will recover images, video, music, archives and binaries. Currently, only FAT is supported. On Tegra 2 devices, only the external SD is supported.

Download Undelete click here

Lock moblie phone automatically put it in pocket via PocketSensor

Sometime you may forget to lock phone it exsist long time unlock in your pocket, it may causes big problems. If you want to automatically lock the phone when put it in your pocket. PocketSensor is an android application that will help you to locks phone automatically when it put in a pocket.PocketSensor uses your phone’s built-in proximity sensor to automatically lock the phone when it is put in a pocket.

When you put the phone in your pocket it will automatically lock and take out it will unlock automatically. In order to prevent accidental triggering when you’re holding the phone with both hands, the automatic key lock deactivates when the display is in landscape mode. you can lock and unlock the phone manually.

Download PocketSensor click here