Flico to know location of a certain landmark

Lots of places view on videos but most of them doesn’t know the exact places. Flico is chrome extension that will help you to know location of a certain landmark. It identifies and presents the landmark along with a map and street view of it.

In addition to the landmark it can also be used to identify the meaning of unfamiliar words that the user comes across while watching any video. It provides the details of flights along with the hotels, shops and restaurants in the perimeter of the landmark. It currently working only on youtube videos.


Vysor view and control Android on computer

Vysor is a chrome extension that allows to view and control Android on computer. You don’t need anything installed on your Android phone.The USB cable use for connect pc. You can easily install Chrome plugin in your browser then you should be able to control your phone with a keyboard and mouse. It supports Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

After the installation of Vysor extension, when you connect to pc, pop-up will appear on your phone with a ‘Vysor is Connected’ notification. Click on “OK” button the screen of your phone will display on PC. Users can remotely control a smartphone from another machine through the internet, as long as both PCs have the app installed.

You need to install ADB Drivers for working this app. After installing the drivers go to your phone into the settings menu, under the developer mode and turn on USB Debugging then connect your phone to the Computer using a USB cable. It supports Android Phone running android 2.5 and above.


Office Online view, edit and creates Office documents in browser

Office Online is chrome extension that will help to view, edit and creates Office documents in browser. It creates Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway Online without needing Office installed.

This extension allows creates new documents or opening existing documents in browser. If you choose a document from the local disk, it will be first uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive account then you can able to edit or view documents.

This extension provides same interface of full office suite. After editing the document, you can choose to print it, save it on OneDriv or save a copy to the local disk.

Office Online

Metadefender for Chrome scan all downloads

Every person downloads lots of files from internet but doesn’t know it is malicious or not. Metadefender for Chrome is extension that allows you to scan all downloads. You can scan specific files also. It uses 40+ commercial anti-malware engines. Using many anti-malware engines helps ensure that more viruses, spyware, Trojan and other threats can be detected.

You can simply install Metadefender for Chrome on your browser it takes few seconds for start. After completing all functions it will starts the scan and display the result. It gives detailed report tells you which of the antivirus engines if any detected it as a threat.

Metadefender for Chrome scans each and every file that you download and displays the results instantly. This extension has one limitation it cannot scan a downloaded file of size not more than 140 MB.

View hide photos on facebook

Now Facebook is an important medium for keeping personal photos. Some persons will hide the personal photos if you want to view hide photos on Facebook PictureMate is an extension that will help you to view hide photos from others.

To view hide photo first you should install PictureMate on your browser. Go to a Facebook user’s profile and Click on PIctureMate’s icon a new tab will open up, showing the user photos. This extension will work if you don’t need to be friends.

PictureMate finds the user’s Facebook ID via graph search, and through another graph search, it finds all tagged photos of anyone. Even if the user has set his privacy settings to not show any photos.

Chrome click here

Mozilla click here


Data Saver reduce data usage

Internet data usage is limited by internet plans, if you want to reduce data usage Data Saver is a Chrome extension that will help you to reduce data. When this extension is enabled, Chrome will use Google servers to compress pages you visit before downloading them. SSL and incognito pages will not be included.

The Data Saver extension, currently in beta, can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.The extension will only work on Chrome 41 and above.The extension does not work when used with secure (HTTPS) sites and during Incognito mode.

Data saving is more important in mobile data plans this extension is very helpful for PC users with slow Internet connections, limited Internet connectivity or low bandwidth plans.You can also enable Data Saver on Mobile Chrome on Android and iOS from the Settings menu.

Data Saver

Who Deleted Me who unfriends on Facebook

Facebook is very common in real life most of them have more friends. Sometimes friends may unfriend, if you want to know who is unfriend on facebook? Who Deleted Me is a browser extension that will help you to track of who unfriends on Facebook.

Who Deleted Me keeps track of Facebook friend list and notifies you when friends go missing and also tell when you make new friends.It will available both firefox and chrome.

Screenshot (2)

Frigate chrome extension access blocked sites

Some offices the system administrator may block the social networking sites or personal sites. The employees cannot access these sites, if you want access blocked sites just add the frigate on browsers. Sites will acess without loss its speed, it is very simple and secure.The extension determines the availability of the site and if the site is not blocked, then it is being accessed without proxy.

Frigate simply adds on Chrome extension the extension actually works in the anonymity mode. It helps to change your IP address to another country.


ARC Welder test Android apps on browser

Android apps are work with Android phones only. If you want to test Android apps on browser ARC Welder is a Chrome extension that allows to run Android apps inside your browser.

It supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. To get ARC Welder simply install on Chrome browser and select the zip file or APK of application want to run. Here you can decide the app run in portrait or landscape mode, tablet or phone mode, and other parameters. It can only run one app at a time.

This app is mainly for Android developers. Some apps not work with ARC Welder.

ARC Welder Android

Sidekick know much details of email receiver’s

Senders of the email doesn’t know much details of receivers if you want to know details of receivers Sidekick is an Chrome extension that help you to know receivers. It shows person’s title, company, social profiles, recent tweets, recent conversations, email opens or clicks, and other email activity.

Senders doesn’t email is opened or not it gives when your email was opened. See where, when, and how many times they opened or clicked. This extensions help to set schedule emails to be sent in the future as well as create recurring emails to be sent later.


Block unwanted sites and words from Chrome

Sometimes you need to block some sites, Block site is Chrome Extension that will allows you to block unwanted sites on browser. You can simply install Block site on your Chrome Browser after the installation you can block sites as well as block words.

When you try to access blocked sites set another redirect page, you can do it for each website separate or set a default redirect page. Whenever the blocked word appears somewhere in the URL, it will be automatically blocked. It gives you list of Adult related” blocked words, which will block the predefined bad words and profanity filter.

You can set specific date and time for block sites. Another important function Uninstall Protection, It prevents uninstall the extension. It works very simple, you just set the password, activate it. You will have to input a password to access the list of chrome extension therefore the Block site is uninstallable. If you forget password no way how to recover it and you will need to go through a quite complicated process.

Block  sites

Screencastify record screen activities inside the tab

Screencastify is a chrome extension that will help you to record screen activities as videos and posted into youtube. It will record all the screen activities inside the tab. You can also add your voice into the videos. Screencastify does not depend on any other software i.e. Java, Flash or other plugins. Videos are recorded as webm/vp8 files with ogg vorbis audio.

You can simply add Screencastify on your chrome browser after the installation button will appear for start recording and stop recording. It has experimental desktop capturing support. So it can record anything on your screen. After record screen activities it will give a list of records. You can directly upload videos into youtube from this list.

This will help you to create presentations and videos tutorials but you can’t download the recorded videos into your system.