Cache Killer clean browser cache before page load

Cache Killer is chrome extension that helps you to clean browser cache before every page load. You can easily disable and enable this extension.

You can simply install Cache Killer on your Chrome browser after the installation a button will appear on Chrome browser. You can enable and disabled Cache Killer with a single mouse click. This extension is very useful for web developers.
Cache Killer

Track and remotely destroy attachments via docTrackr

Every people usually send many attachments via their email but after sent these attachments no control on it. DocTrackr is chrome extension that will help you to control attachments after sent. DocTrackr helps you to track and remotely destroy attachments. Easily get the details of who is read copy or print email attachments. Currently it works with PDF attachments only more files type comes soon.

You can easily install docTrackr on your browser. After sent your attachment you will get notification that is open, print or share to others. Sometimes your attachments may misused then you need you destroy sent attachments docTrackr help you to completely disable document access and sharing, with one click.

DocTrackr offer high security for important files. DocTrackr dashboard view gives the details of document use and location.

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics find out internet connectivity issues

Sometimes you may find some internet connectivity issues on your PC but you cannot find exact issues. Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics is helping you to find internet connectivity issues. It is quickly and easily diagnoses any type of internet connectivity issues.

The tool tests a computer’s network connection for common issues, port blocking, and network latency by establishing connections to network and Internet services via UDP, TCP, HTTP and HTTPS.

You can simply install Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics on your system after the installation, clicks the Diagnose errors button. The new Connectivity Diagnostics will appears and start checking for errors. It will display the progress in percentage while the tests are running.

When try Connectivity Diagnostics the tests includes the following tests:

• Local network connection availability
• Wifi network signal strength
• Default gateway is reachable
• DNS server availability and latency
• DNS cache poisoning/spoofing
• Internet traffic blocks by a HTTP captive portal or firewalls
• Network performance and latency to Google websites
• Google Hangouts service availability

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics

Sign multiple accounts at same time

Today most of them keep multiple accounts in same website but you cannot open the multiple accounts at a same time. Identity Mask is Chrome extension that will allow you to sign multiple accounts at a same time.

You can simply install identity mask on you Chrome browser after the installation, click the extension icon a new tabs will open sign with desired accounts. If you click right click on a link open link with new identity and right click on the page duplicate page with new identity.

Identity Mask

Block scripts and plugins on Chrome browser

Some scripts and plugins make Malware on your system then you need to block scripts and plugins on browser. Script Defender is a Chrome extension block scripts, plugins and other elements of webpage.

This extension allows JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, and Java execution only for trusted domains of your choice. You can add trusted domains in whitelist other website’s scripts and plugins cannot load.

You can easily add Script Defender on your browser.You will get full control over the webpage. After the installation icon will appear here you can Block Cookies, Block images, IFrames, JavaScript files, Plug-ins etc.
Script Defender

Store unread webpage for reading via Read Later Fast

When you search on internet you will get many webpage but you can’t get time to read all these WebPages. Do you want store unread WebPages for read. Read Later Fast is Chrome extension that will allow storing WebPages for read.

You can simply add Read Later Fast on your Chrome browser after the installation .You can see a “Read later “button on browser click on the button your webpages will store on its Archive list. Here you can select pages one by one.

Read Later Fast



Hide personal information online via Maskme

When you joint new online service you are actually reveal your personal information to the online services.  Maskme is browser extension that will help you to hide personal information.

MaskMe creates disposable email addresses, phone numbers, and credit cards. Every time you sign up for a site Choose to Mask your email address, phone number, or credit card, using unique, disposable info that MaskMe creates and autofills on the spot. It works instantly, every time, everywhere. It helps to stop spammers, telemarketers and hackers.

Add on Chorme click here

Add on Mozilla click here


Self-Destructing Cookies automatically destroy cookies

Cookies are small files used to identify your state or behavior, of your last browsing session on a particular website. Cookies are automatically downloaded from the website you browse and can be used to retrieve data relating the user’s previous activity, such as security information, navigation styles etc.

The bad part is, these cookies can be used to track and spy on user’s security info, browsing behavior that can open doors to many more troubles.
Self-Destructing Cookies

The most desirable thing a user can do is, destroy cookies when we don’t want them to be used. Self-destructing cookies is a Firefox add-on that destroy cookies that no longer used by an open browsing session.

When installed, it can monitor cookies that are tracking your activities, and destroys it after certain period of time (10 sec default). Automatically cleans your cache every time you are not actively using the browser thereby minimizing security risks caused by unwanted cookies.

Extensity disable and enable Chrome extension

Most of them install lots of extensions in your Chrome browser. Extensions are use for perform certain works. Sometimes you need not use these extensions. If you want to disable and enable these extensions Extensity is Chrome extension this allows you to disable and enable Chrome extensions.

After the installation of Extensity icon will appear on the top right on the Chrome browser. Extensity will provide a list of installed extensions and apps. Here you can disable and enable extensions.

Chrome Office Viewer open office documents on Chrome

Chrome Office Viewer is Chrome extension that will allow you to view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your browser. Chrome Office Viewer will support doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt and pptx formats.

For add this extension you must download Chrome 27 beta. To open files simply click on the web link or document previously uploaded to a file storage service. Chrome Office Viewer allows viewing files only it doesn’t allow editing files. Chrome Office Viewer also protects you from malware delivered via Office files.

Chrome Office Viewer

Stealthy access blocked websites on your browser

Some websites are restricted in some countries if you want to access blocked sites via your browser Stealthy is extension that will allow you to access blocked sites. You can easily install Stealthy on your browser.

After the installation you can see a button on your browser. The color is red by default, indicating Stealthy is off. After clicking on it, Stealthy automatically searches for an appropriate proxy, sets up your browser, and turns the icon green, meaning you are now in Stealth mode. It will available on mozilla and chrome.

Add mozilla click here

Add chrome click here

Font changer change font of the any webpage into your desired font

Some website’s font is not good for reading, if you want to change font of any webpage,
Font changer is a Google Chrome extension. You can change any websites font into your desired font. Here you can select more 500 types of fonts. You can change webpage’s fonts via simply mouse clicks.

You can simply install Font changer on your browser after the installation you can set font, font style, weight and its size. This is a good extension for web developers they can test different fonts.

Font changer