Jio meet 24 hours of free video conferencing

Jio offers exciting onwards its launch, now they launched new concept Jio meet.JioMeet is a new HD video conferencing app.It support all major operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows 10, mac OS and the web.Jio meet offer free services and allows to add 100 participants at a time.Apart from 100 participants these participants can share their screen and schedule the meetings in advance.

Most interesting facts of Jio meet is allow 24 hours of free video conferencing . All meetings are that are encrypted and password-protected.The Zoom allows for unlimited 1-on-1 calls with the 40-minute limit on group calls of up to 100 people.

This time many peoples are working from home and using video conferencing services for work and to stay in touch with friends.JioMeet will allow teachers to host virtual classrooms for their students at same same time doctors to consult their patients and prescribe the medicine.

CleverPrint helps to reduce printing cost

You are spending more money for printer Cartridge. If you want reduce the consumption of the printer ink. CleverPrint is software the helps to reduce printing cost upto 50%.The CleverPrint claims it reduce printing costs by printing up to 8 pages on one. It means compressing multiple pages onto a single sheet of paper.It removes unwanted pages and graphics from print layout.
Toner saving function of CleverPrint allows to lighten up your print job before printing. This ensures a reduced consumption of the printer ink. CleverPrint is able to convert print jobs to PDF documents or to PNG, JPG, etc.

CleverPrint is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 und Windows 10.It cost is €39.90 you will get 30-day trial period.

Recuva recover accidentally deleted files

Sometimes you may accidentally delete files from your system if you want recover these files Recuva is software the help you to recover accidentally deleted files. It recovers files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player.

It recovers pictures, music, documents, videos, emails or any other file type. It also recovers files from memory cards, external hard drives and USB sticks. Another important feature of Recuva is recovering files from damaged or newly formatted drives.

Recuva provides deep scan it deeply scan the drive and find any traces of files have deleted. Recuva have free version and pro version give more feature.


Projecting the Android phone screen

Some persons need to show android screen on pc don’t worry Droid@Screen help you to show android screen. It easily shows the screen of an Android device on a computer or laptop and then Projecting the Android phone screen on projector.

You can simply install Droid@Screen through simple instructions, After it is installed, just connect your device via USB and launch Droid@Screen. After a few moments, the application will launch a new window showing the screen of the Android device.

This is a Java program, so you need to have Java installed .you must configure your device to allow USB Debugging.

Unglue parents to control the child’s time on connected devices

Childrens had wasted their time with connected devices, parent’s doesn’t have control with these devices. unGlue help the parents to control the child’s time on connected devices. Parents can set internet schedules for each child and within those schedules they can limit the video, social media, and games time consumed by children each day.The service works across devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and other internet-connected devices. It also works whether on the home’s network or not.

To start using unGlue, simply download the unGlue app to your smartphone. The app will guide you in setting up your kids’ mobile devices. If you want to connect other home devices, the app will guide you through installing the unGlue Home Monitor onto a single desktop computer in your home. unGlue works for most Smart TVs which are connected to the internet.

unGlue allows to control children’s friends time add him as a guest, which are detected as soon as they join you WiFi network. You can set limits on these devices as well.


PassMark Keyboard Test examine keyboard is functioning correctly

Keyboard is most important part of computer. The failure of even a single key it may cause serious problems.if you want to check your computer keyboard is functioning correctly. PassMark Keyboard Test helps check keys on your computer keyboard is functioning correctly.

Passmark KeyboardTest can help you show which of the keys on your keyboard are still working and which of them have stopped. To test keyboard it will let you select keyboard types and star test. The result is highlighted on a graphical image of a keyboard.

Key on your keyboard is working, the respective key in the KeyboardTest will turn light green. Red colour indicates key could have lost the bounce back spring that helps raise the key back. Faulty keys are shown in blue color, over-pressing keys are shown in purple color and under-pressing keys are shown in the dark green color.

PassMark Keyboard Test

AntiBrowserSpy turns off hidden spy functionalities in browsers

The internet browsing is not secure, it track lots of data from browsers. AntiBrowserSpy turns off hidden spy functionalities in browsers. It cleans browser tracks, cookies, history and temporary files.moreover, it helps to backups of browser settings allowing users to take their settings with them when switching to a new PC.

The program can work with the main browsers – Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. This programme will block analysis tool, social network plugins , disable Flash and disable Silverlight cookie. AntiBrowserSpy makes it very easy to control all browser settings. With one mouse click it can configure the settings of all browsers and disable even hidden spy features.

It allows you to remove internet traces easily. This contains the removal of history entries and web cache. Download lists and typed URLs can also be cleaned. Stealth browser to generate a random browser fingerprint after a set frequency of time in order to confuse the tracking servers. Its price is €29.95 supports Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.


Speedfan find out temperatures, voltages and fan speeds in computers

Temperatures is most important factor of computer Speedfan is a windows software that find out temperatures, voltages and fan speeds in computers in computers with hardware monitor chips.This software enables the system are running smoothly.It also help you to find out troubleshoot issues and make adjustments to various systems.

Speedfan can even access SMART information for hard disks and show hard disk temperatures. SpeedFan supports SCSI disks too. The program can display system variables as charts and as an indicator in the system tray. Messages inform the user of specific situations and problems.

SpeedFan works fine with Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2008, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012. It works with Windows 64 bit too.


HeatMapper find signal strength of entire area

Now all the offices have set wifi but must know is it will gets entire area. HeatMapper is software it will help you to find signal strength. HeatMapper gives graphic representation of Wi-Fi signals. It gives colours for find signal strength red being no signal and green being very good signal. It can easily install in computer and support Windows XP above.

First import the map of the area you simply walk slowly around the area the map represents.
Left click turn or stop or start walking, right-click for done. You can perform as many surveys as you want. Surveys limited 15 minutes.

It captures all the signals transmitted at a given place and draws a detailed map. This option allows to know the coverage capacity of wireless system wherever it is. You will get a heatmap of the overall coverage after the survey. You will also see the access points/routers on the map after the survey.


Animouse control computer cursor by the movement of face

Animouse is a new software that will allows you to control computer cursor by the movement of face. Requires only a webcam for track down movements or motions made by head no additional hardware needed. User moves his head in right direction, the cursor move towards right, and if the user moves his head up, the cursor moves up.

The main problem of Animous is mouse clicks first mouse click must be selected. Mouse clicks bar also appears at the bottom allowing you to choose which mouse click action.
Mouse cursor doesn’t move fast enough in response to your head movements, go to the Menu option and under Cursor settings, adjust the sensitivity of vertical and horizontal movements.

It will Work at low light. The main purpose of this project is to help physically disabled users to control computer. The app works on Windows 7 and above.


Records onscreen images and video via oCam

Sometimes you want to record computer screen, oCam is software that helps to records onscreen images and video. It can records screen activities just like video, audio makes it easy to narrate or annotate onscreen activities.

It records videos into AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, WMV, TS and VOB formats. Recording area of the keyboard can be easily controlled. It allows to record the full screen and window area. During recording, the mouse cursor can be set to be included. Record the results can be stored in a specific folder, you have the option. You can take screenshot while recording it saves as in JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats.

You can re-size the record screen by dragging as well as anytime pause and start recording. It helps you to record games. oCam is very easy and simple. It supports operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.