RoboForm remember all usernames and passwords

Today all peoples keeps more web accounts, to remember all usernames and passwords is a difficult task. RoboForm helps you to automatically remember your passwords, logs you into websites, and fills web forms, all with one-click. RoboForm reduce the steps of logging into any online account.

You must create a master password and remember every time. RoboForm stores each user name and password the first time you log into a site, then automatically login when you again visit the website. You need to remember all your passwords, you remember one Master Password, and RoboForm remembers the all passwords.

RoboForm Identities feature to securely store your name, address, email, credit cards, and all your other information. Just click on your RoboForm Identity to fill entire web forms automatically. RoboForm runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Windows USB drives also have apps for most popular mobile phone platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Use our RoboForm Online service to synchronize and back up your data to the cloud.

Wifiprotector protection from unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots

Now people are using wifi network for connecting internet but it is dangerous. Wifi network is not secure because it may encrypt your data by others. Wifiprotector is software that provides protection from unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. It gives Intrusion detection, Wi-Fi security settings scans and VPN protection.

Actually it work on background of the system it will not effect your work. It provides you protection against viruses, rootkits, trojans and all types of malware. Wifi Protector continuously monitors your Wi-Fi and cabled network for attempted hacking . Wifi Protector can even identify attacks that use ‘spoofing’ so that they appear to come from a trusted device. You will immediately be notified when a new device connects to your network and if the device is detected as being an attempted hack or intrusion you will alerted.

Wifi Protector is available in two versions.Basic version and Full version basic version is completely free and is supported by advertising and full version requires a monthly subscription and offers choice of Country for your VPN, faster browsing and no ad interruptions.


Recover delete images and videos from memory cards

Sometimes you may accidentally delete or format your camera’s memory card it may lost important images or videos if you want to recover delete images and videos from memory cards ArtPlus Digital Photo Recovery 7 is free software that will help you to recover delete images or videos.

You can buy ArtPlus Digital Photo Recovery software from their site at $24.95.After the installation you can scan your memory card and recover the images. Initial scanning takes more time it depends on your PC configuration, USB connection speed and memory card quality or state.

This tool runs on Windows XP, Vista ,7 and 8. It works with all types of memory cards. This softeware help you to recover formatted cards and corrupted cards. It recovers JPG, TIF camera RAW files as well as videos and audios.

ArtPlus Digital Photo Recovery

Youwave install Android on Windows PC

Today we cannot imagine without the world of android phone and android apps. But it will work with android OS only not work with other OS. If you want to install android on Windows PC, youwave is an application it can helps you to install android on Windows PC.

Youwave helps you to download apps from app store. It can run faster on your computer.This application helps you to download android apps easily. It works with Andorid 4.0 ICS and run on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit.

Youwave is not free it will charge $19.99 .You need a PayPal account or a Google Wallet account for purchase.

Download videos from webpages via VSO downloader

You can see videos on website but you can’t download that videos VSO downloader is software that will help you to download videos from webpages. It will download audio streaming from any site and download web radio. Download HD video streaming by selecting HD resolution on your web page.

Streaming content is automatically detected and downloaded it no need to copy and paste URLs. It will detect all formats supported it includes FLV, MP4, WMV, MP3, AVI, SWF Etc. Another important feature of this software is convert video files to various formats.
You can download multiple files simultaneously.

It works with all major browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and more. It detect ads does not download them. It will support all main VPNs and Proxy servers.It works Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, Windows 8.
VSO downloader

Show hide files in USB via USB show

Some files are hidden in USB drive due to the malware infections or virus. If you want to show these hide files USB show is software that will help you to show hide files in USB and help you to backup. It is portable and easy to use anybody.

For finding hidden files simply select which files you want to scan and start scanning. The time of scanning depends on its size. After the scan you will get hidden files. You can back up or transfer these files.

This application is very small its work with Windows 2000 and above requires 500 MB RAM. USB Show can be used on hard drives or removable disks. This is very user-friendly. Scanning process will be started with a click.
USB show

Convert SWF into GIF images via wonderFox SWF to GIF Converter

SWF format is mainly use in webpage if you want to convert SWF into GIF images.WonderFox SWF to GIF Converter is software it will help you to convert SWF into GIF images. You can convert swf into Gif via some mouse clicks.

It provides fast and easy to convert Flash to GIF. It keeps the same quality of original SWF.
To convert SWF simply load files and set which part you want make GIF after some process you will get converted GIFS. You can save the SWF files into popular image format such as gif jpg, bmp, png, tga, etc. You can also capture single picture from swf.

It provides additional options for resize resolution from swf to gif and set time delay for control playing speed.
SWF into GIF

VSDC Free Screen Recorder record entire desktop or a specific area

Sometimes you need to record desktop screen VSDC Free Screen Recorder is software that will help you to record desktop screen. You can capture the entire desktop or a specific area. The software can record audio or voice from various external sound devices, such as a microphone or line in.

You can easily install VSDC Free Screen Recorder on your system. This program helps you to create video tutorials and presentations. During video record, you can switch to the drawing mode at any time and use a pencil to mark an area of the captured video. The program allows the user to highlight the mouse cursor position during clicks and add an audio effect to mouse click and key press events. It works with Windows XP,Vista,7 and 8.
VSDC Free Screen Recorder

Control and manage mobile phone from PC via Moborobo

Most of them keep their important data in mobile phone. Sometimes you need to control and manage mobile phone from PC. Moborobo is software that will allow you to control and manage mobile phone from PC. It works with Android or iPhone. It helps to switching or upgrading to a new phone much easier.

You can simply install Moborobo on your PC after the installation you can connect via USB or Wi-fi. Some phones you need to install USB drivers of the device to establish the connection.

Moborobo help you to back up and restore data, it means you can simply back up your contacts, Logs, apps, files etc.

Moborobo help you to control your calls and SMS. It also ability to send and reply SMS messages through your computer. But you cannot talk from the Moborobo.

You can see the live stream screen of the device this helps you to know what is happening on the device and also take screenshots.

Another important feature is app manager this help you to manage installed apps and installing new apps.


PCMedik fixes common problems and increases the system performance

Regular use of system makes slow system performance that times you need booster. PCMedik is software that will fixes common problems and increases the system performance and associated with frustrating slowdowns and errors. PCMedik quickly scan computer and find its errors and fix it.

You can easily install PCMedik on your system. After the installation click on “Optimize” button increases the speed of your computer. PCMedik repairs common problems found on most computers and instantly fixes them to improve computer stability and performance. It Decreases the amount of time for Windows to load, and makes loading and running your favorite programs much faster. It works with Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP & Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003.

PCMedik make some changes in Windows settings for system faster. Instance it turns off several animations that degrade performance, instructs the CPU how to prioritize background tasks, how files are loaded and written to the hard drive, changes to the way memory is used when programs use the memory swap file and dozens of other performance settings. With these system changes made to Windows and the fixes to common problems, your computer will run faster.

Care browsers from unwanted applications via Auslogics Browser Care

Browsers are most important part of internet world, but it contains unwanted application on it. It makes slows your system or virus attack. If you want to care browsers from unwanted applications, Auslogics Browser Care is software that will clean up, speed up and keep your web browsers well-maintained for top performance.

It removes unwanted toolbars or plugins from your browsers. You can simply install Auslogics Browser Care on your PC. You can manage all installed browsers from one place. The program currently supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The Company claims that they will improve the list of browsers list.

When you remove a plugin,add-on or toolbar, it is completely uninstalled from your system. If you are not sure whether you may need a certain add-on, you can simply disable it, which will let you turn it on if you ever need it in the future. Auslogics Browser Care lets you either disable or remove each plugin. Auslogics Browser Care support operating systems Windows XP,Vista,7 and 8.
Auslogics Browser Care