Anti-Twin search and delete similar files

Your computer has lots of unnecessary files some files are similar actually it doesn’t need for your working, if you want to delete similar files into your computer anti twin is a free software that will sent similar files to the recycle bin or deleted directly.

You can easily install anti twin into your computer after installation of anti twin you can select your folder you want to compare. After the duplicate search, Anti-Twin will display a selection list showing the found files. Files displayed within one color-coded section are identical or similar.

Clicking on “Delete selected files” window will open here you can select files to the recycle bin, to move them to a different order or to delete them permanently. Anti-Twin does not have a restore function for deleted files. Files that have been sent to the recycle bin can be restored from there.

Download Anti-Twin click here

Orion File Recovery Software recover deleted files from hard drive and portable drives

Sometimes you may accidentally delete important files, you need to recover that files. Orion File Recovery Software is free software that will help you to recover deleted files. Orion searches for deleted files on your hard drive, or any external or portable drive connected to your computer.

You can simply install Orion File Recovery Software after the installation you can scan hard drives, USB flash drives and memory cards. You can save recoverable files to any attached drive. This allows you completely overwrite deleted files this help you to prevent any future recovery.

It Works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Scanning and recovery supports FAT and NTFS file systems.

Download Orion File Recovery Software click here

Quickly chat your coworkers via quicklychat

Quicklychat is chat software that will help you to chat quickly to others. You can simply install into your pc after the installation add your coworkers as buddies. Then just double-click their name on your buddy list and, if they’re available, you’ll establish a video connection in seconds.

You can simply download quicklychat into your system. If you want to videos chat to anybody just double-click their name on your buddy list. Quicklychat currently supports Mac and Windows systems.

Download quicklychat click here

Delete data completely from your computer via Disk wipe

Most of the people keep their details in computer after the use they will delete from pc. Actually these data are not completely deleted from your computer it can recover via recovering softwares. If you want delete data completely from your computer Disk wipe is software it will help you to erase all k data and prevent recovery of those data.

This program doesn’t require any installation it will work with USB sticks, SD cards and other portable memory devices. It will support all popular Windows file systems, NTFS, Fat, and Fat32. It works with Windows XP and Windows Vista operating Systems.

Download Disk wipe click here

Speed Install automatically install programs into your computer

For better working you need to installs lots of softwares into your computer. To search on internet and install into your computer is a difficult task. Speed Install is an automatic software installation tool that enables you to automatically download and install multiple applications into your computer.

You can simply install Speed Install on your computer after the installation main menu will appear it includes various categories i.e. Home, work, Security, Internet, Multimedia and Freeware. Select your desired applications and finally click on “Install” button. The download will start automatically.

You can ability to create executable installer for desired applications. The exe can b copied into USB and installs another computer. Speed Install provides updated softwares. You can also create the offline versions of the installation tool.

Download Speed Install click here

Transfer installed apps into new computer via pickmeapp

Sometimes you need change your work place into new computer then you need to install old apps for better working. It is a difficult task to transfer old one to new one. PickMeApp is free software that helps you to transfer installed into new computer. In other words back up installed application and restore new computer.

To back up apps click the “Capture” button then start the capturing process. After the back up process you can save as self-extracting exe installation file. This application free and supports 64 bit Windows XP, Vista , and 7 operating systems.

Download pickmeapp click here

Bzeek make your laptop into wifi hotspot

Bzeek is free software that helps you to turn your laptop into wifi hotspot. This software helps you to connect internet into WiFi enabled devices. It is very simply and easy to use anybody. Bzeek has a built-in Firewall that protects your computer and network.

You can simply install bzeek into your computer after the installation your laptop become a wifi hotspot. You can do this process on your desktop computer too. Bzeek creates a totally separate network for other visitors, which works next to your existing network. Bzeek’s security features ensure people connecting to Bzeek cannot access or even see your computer. This means they cannot see your files, to know who you are, or to have any kind of access to your computer. It supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users.

PC sleep automatically shout down your pc

Most of the people work with computers lots of time, sometime they may forget to shutdown their pc. PC sleep is free software that will help automatically shutdown your pc. PC Sleep is shutdown your computer at a specific time.

You can simply install pc sleep in your pc after the installation select your function and set your time. Pop-up window will appear when there is one minute left on timer and do the selected function. You can select Shutdown, Restart, Log Off and Standby functions.

For downloading click here

Snappersoft USB Heal recovers hidden files and folders in USB and memory card

USB and memory card is important medium for spreading virus. Sometimes virus may infect your USB or memory card it may cause hide the files. Snappersoft USB Heal is simply tool that will help you to unhide or recover all files and folders hidden by virus. You can simply download it and it works on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

After the installation of the programme application will exists in system tray when you plug in USB or memory card in your computer it will automatically scan and recover hidden files and folder. This tool is helps you to repair damaged files.

Download Snappersoft USB Heal click here

Predator lock and unlock your pc remove or insert USB drive

Sometimes other persons may access your computer and view your important details. If you want to lock your computer, Predator is free software that will help you to lock and unlock your pc simply removing or inserting USB drive. When you remove USB drive, Predator locks your pc.

You can simply install Predator to arrange the program, you must create a password and a security key. When you removed USB, Predator locks your PC and darkens your screen if anyone tried to use it without entering the password. When you insert USB it will unlock your pc.

Somebody try to access your pc, if he not enter correct password within20 seconds, an alarm will sound and access is denied. if you happen to lose your USB stick, you can unlock your computer with a password.

Download Predator click here

Test Android app in your pc via Bluestacks

Android is most talking news in internet actually it a mobile operating system. If you want to try Android app into your pc, Bluestacks is software it will help you to test and play Android app in your pc. Bluestacks is now available for free, the paid version will come soon.

You can easily download Bluestacks into your PC after installing the software the interface of Bluestacks will appear on right side of the desktop. When you install Bluestacks it will comes with 10 pre-installed apps. The free version of Bluestacks will store up to 26 apps.

You can also Syncs apps from your phone to will runs on Windows 7 and Windows Vista version. They claim that Mac version will to come soon.