Steps for make youtube thumbnail in attractive way

Thumbnail is most important part of youtube videos. 90% of views are coming from Thumbnail. Follow these steps for make youtube thumbnail in attractive way.

  1. First you must select good image for thumbnail, after see this image the viewers must be understand content of the video. You can use logo or design as must be attractive.

2. Thumbnail image must involve a good title text, after see these image and text viewers must be understand full idea of video. You can also add subtitles for attraction.

3. Text of the thumbnail must be readable always use bold text and correct font for title. it must be always readable.

4.Use bright colours for background it will give more attraction for the thumbnail.

Tips to grow in YouTube | increase watch hours and subscribers for new youtubers

Many new youtubers ask how to grow in YouTube. I suggest them some simple tricks to grow in YouTube. First you must follow these simple steps while publishing a video. This will help you to increase your watch hours and subscribers in YouTube.

  1. People search different kinds of topic in YouTube. You must know what kind of topics people search in YouTube. Content of your video should be what is searched frequently or mostly by the people so as to get more views in YouTube. In other words you must know what people want.

2 .You must identify a focus keyword of your content .People search these focus keyword in different ways. Title of the video should be included in the focus keyword.(for example if your  video content is Singapore, then your focus keyword should be Singapore as people usually search Singapore related topics such as Singapore tour package, Singapore Tourist Places,  Singapore Tour Budget, Singapore Tour Plan, Singapore Tour Guide etc ) . Apart from the focus key word, the most frequent word relating to the topic searched by people should be included in the “Title”. (for example – Cheapest Singapore Tour Package).

3. You should write a short description of the video in the description box .The description must include focus keyword 2 or 3 times. Also you must include various frequently searched words relating to the topic in the description box.

4.  You should add frequently used tags (key words) in tag box.

5. Thumbnail is the most important part of the video. Creating attractive thumbnail for videos is the key to have increased views. Its colour should be attractive and text should be readable. As most of the people watch videos on mobile phones, thumbnail of the video should fit to mobile phone screen. Thumbnail should not be congested and overcrowded.

6 . After “Title” and “Thumbnail”, the most important part is the retention of the video. Atleast 50% of retention should be attained. Viewers may click on an attractive thumbnail but if the content is not good, they will skip the video within few seconds. This reduces the retention. For eg, If your video is 5 minutes and the viewers watch for 2 to 3 minutes, your retention will be 50% and above. Then Youtube will show your video in “Suggestions”. So your content must retain the viewers from start to end.

7. Video and voice should be clear.

8 . Publish 2 or 3 videos per week.

Send big files to another desktop via takeafile

E-mails have some limitation it doesn’t allow to send big files. if you want to send big files to another desktop, takeafile is free web service that will help you to transfer big files to another desktop via browser.

To send files drag and drop a file to takeafile web page and then URL will be created. Send this URL to anybody. When the other person clicks this link the transfer process will begin. Web page must be open until the file transfer is finished.

It doesn’t store files in the servers, it directly transfer sender’s desktop to receiver’s desktop. Sender and receiver doesn’t need to install any software or plugin.


Findo find files easily in cloud storage service and email services

At this time every person keeps their details on email or cloud storage but after long period everybody forgets where it stored is? Most of them maintain lots of cloud storage service and email services. findo is a free web service that helps to find files easily in cloud storage service and email services.

You can login findo via facebook or Google account. After login findo you can add your accounts. Findo is an intelligent search assistant which can search by description while searching all your personal cloud, notebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, etc. from one place. Connect all of your data locations, emails, files, contacts, Google Drives, DropBox, Box, Evernote, Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Laptops, External Hard Drives, iPhones, iPads, and Findo will search from one place across your locations.


Transfer files one device to another via send anywhere

If you want to transfer files to another device via online, send-anywhere is a free web tool that will help to transfer files to another device.It I s very easy and fast. Maximum size of files is 1GB.No sign up and download is required for using this service.

To transfer files simply upload files into send-anywhere after the upload you will get a 6 digit key this key use for download another device. When you upload files into send-anywhere you will get QR code for files it also use download file. The key will expire automatically after 10 min.

send anywhere

Amazon launches Family Vault keep all family members photos in one place

Amazon’s prime photos gives unlimited photo storage. Today prime photo launches new feature it called “Family Vault.” Amazon Prime member can invite up to five family members or friends to join their online account. It allows unlimited free photo storage, as well as another 5 GB for videos and other files.

The main advantage of this feature is family members or close friends to add their photos and videos in a single destination .Each person can add and view photos their own device. Amazon’s powerful search helps you find photos very fast. Find specific photos by searching for things, people, or places in your images.

Family Vault allows the account to be set to automatically upload photos and videos to the vault. It collects and organizes photos across multiple device and accounts into a single place.


Download chrome extension in pc

You can see lots of useful chrome extensions in store. Sometimes some extension may removed from store, then cannot add extensions on Chrome. Chrome-extension-downloader is a web tool that will allow to download chrome extension in pc. This tool allows you to easily download the extension to your PC and it can reuse at anytime.

To download extension simply paste URL of the extension in chrome-extension-downloader website and click “Download extension” button.Then you will get CRF file for download.

Download chrome extension

Transform data into particular format with help of example

If you want to transform data into particular format is free web service that will help you to transform data into desired format.  You just paste your source list and give an example of the desired format the transformy will collect all datas in a list and convert desired format.

For transform your data simply paste source data in the box on the left and type example in the green box on the right. Transformy will look at your example and transform every line from your source data into the same format.


Send large files to others via dropjar

You can see many services to send larges files on web. Dropjar is a free web service that will help you send large files to others. For send files simply drag and drop to webpage .It is very simply and easy to us anybody. No sign up is required for send files.

This service allows you to send files upto 10GB.You can send files to multiple people at a same time. For send multiple people simply add email address on webpage and send it.You can also add additional messages with files.


Merge multiple files into consolidated files and convert into different format

Sometime you need to merge multiple files into one file, is free web service that will allow you to merge multiple files into one files and convert into consolidated PDF, MS Word and MS Excel.

To convert files simply upload your files into website and convert it. If you want to merge files select multiple files and upload into website and finally select which format you want. When you upload files into it will store temporarily after its merger and conversion it will automatically delete.

It merges and converts files on your browser no additional software is required. It supports PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, images, html, and txt files. It currently converts files into PDF, MS Word and MS Excel. MS Power Point will come soon.

Reduce the size of gif images via gfycat

If you want to reduce the size of gif images gfycat is a free web service that will help you to reduce the size of gif images. It will reduce the size of Gif smaller than HTML5 videos. No limit for file size.

To make reduce size simply upload gif image into gfycat after some process you will get reduced gif images. These images can be pause, slow it down, speed it up, step frame by frame, or play in reverse. Gfycat provide embed code for reduced images then you can embed reduce images into your website.

Gfycat will help you to convert your youtube videos into Gif images. It supports top video hosting sites it includes YouTube, Vimeo, and Liveleak.