ControlByMail remotely control your pc via mail

ControlByMail is a network app that gives you remote file access by email from any computer or Smartphone. You just send simple emailed commands from wherever you are and they are carried out locally on your home PC automatically.

For using this service first installed on both your home PC and also on the device. You can perform remote functions just by sending emails. Download, read, view, execute, mouse, reboot etc function can performed by mail. Mouse movements are also supported.

ControlByMail automatically runs whenever your PC starts up, so if it crashes and can reboot, then you’ll still have remote access. Control by Mail is not affected by firewalls and proxies. This service is not free it will charge.

Upload files into multiple ftp via multipleftp

If you want to upload files into several FTPs at the same time. Multipleftp a free web service that will help you to upload multiple ftps. MultipleFTP is an ideal service for professionals that need to deliver projects to several client or backup FTPs at once. MultipleFTP is 100% safe because it is only available to registered users.

For using this service you must register in multipleftp website. It provides free and Premium account. Free account 3 files daily limit, 3 FTPs accounts and 20MB limit per file but Premium account no limit.

Switch old email id to new email id via trueswitch

Most of the people maintain an email account for contact people and keep important details. Change one email id to another id is a difficult task it will lose your contacts, stored mails, address book entries, calendar events etc. Trueswitch is a service that will help you to change another email account and backup and import data from your old email id to new email id. It will back up contacts, stored mails, address book entries, calendar events etc.

You can switch into new email id with three important steps. It currently support Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Google Apps etc. TrueSwitch automatically copies your personal data to your new account, notifies your friends with the new email address and forwards any e-mails arriving at their old e-mail addresses. It does not modify any of the information in your original account. All your information will remain at the old account unless you choose to delete it yourself.

View Wikipedia updates real time via wikistream

Wikipedia is the largest source of information. It provides lots of knowledge to people. Millions of contents are posted in wikipedia, in every seconds edit and add new contents in Wikipedia .wikistream is a free web service that will help you to view wikipedia updates real time.

To view updates simple go to wikistream website the update will come one by one simply click on that link the new tab will open with updated details. The links are move very fast on screen you must quickly click on links.

Remove images, videos and ads from webpage load faster via textonly

If you are using slow internet connection or limited internet plan images, videos and ads are consume your bandwidth as well as slow your load time. Textonly is a free web service that will remove images, videos and ads from the webpage it will help you load webPages fast and save your bandwidth. It doesn’t require any sign up or download.

To view webpage simply go to textonly type your URL and click “Go” button then you can view “List of Articles” in the left side of the webpage it contain heading of the topic. To view article click on the heading you can see the topics middle of the webpage.

Convert your documents into QR code shares to other via TagMyDoc

You will get lots of websites for sharing documents, TagMyDoc is a free web service that will allows you to share documents in new way. In other word your uploaded documents convert into QR code this code use for sharing files. It doesn’t require any sign up or download. No need to print your documents on paper, simply convert documents into electronic copy.

You can upload files upto 5 MB in TagMyDoc website after the upload you will get a QR code this use for share files. It will support jpg, tiff, png, bmp, doc, docx, ppt, pptx and pdf formats. You must download QR code scanner for read the documents. Most of the mobile phone have QR code scanner. If you sign up in TagMyDoc you will get more settings. The main problem of this service anybody can scan the documents and read it.

Feed2Mail mail new web content into inbox

Most of the person regularly visit lots of website some website’s contents are more interesting and need to read new contents daily.Feed2Mail is a free web service that will help you to mail new contents of your favorite website directly on your mail inbox. It doesn’t need any sign up or download.

To get regular updates simply type Feed or website URL in feed2mail website and provide your email id. You will get new contents on your inbox. It supports unlimited RSS feeds. You can anytime unsubscribe from the service.

Transfer files and folder via peer to peer connection

You will get lots of file sharing these sites are not allowed to transfer folders, if you want to share folders to others is a free web service that will help you to share files and folders that allows P2P sharing of files.

To transfer files simply upload your file or folders into website then you will get a link this used for transfer files. The receiver downloads the files through a peer-to-peer connection. You will get QRcode for links. To delete upload files from the list click “clear” button. Some selected files formats are view on webpage. transfer quota is 500MB if you sign up you can transfer 1GB.Premium account allow you to transfer large files.

Everdroid backup and restore data from old mobile phone to new mobile phone

Now a days most of the people keep their data in mobiles, the mobile may damage or stolen then your data will lost. Sometimes you need to change your old mobiles into new mobile phone then you must transfer all the data from old phone to new phone for this purpose all the data will maintain in other place. Everdroid is service that stores your essential phone data in a secure place. You can also restore all information to a new phone.

For using this service you must sign up in everdroid. After the login everdroid will ask you to select your phone and your cell number after provide the necessary details everdroid give you sync settings on your phone. Save and synchronise it. You will be able to make backup of messages, contact entries, notes, calendar, Bookmarks etc. You can add more devices to your account. You can access data any where in the world.

Protect your website from hacker via 6scan

If you want to protect your website from hacking,6scan is a free web service that will allow you to protects your website against hackers destroying, stealing or defacing your website’s precious and vulnerable data.You must sign up in 6scan for using this service.

To protect your site simply select the platform you use on your website and install the plug-in. Currently 6scan support WordPress platform only other platforms support come soon.6scan provide Patrol Scanner and Bodyguard Protection.

6scan provide three type of plans for prtection free, fortress and enterprises. Fortress will charge $ 10/month but enterprises charge not published they request to contact them.

Set your webcam into security camera via cammster

Setting security camera in your house or office is very expensive. Cammster is a free service that will monitor your home or office via your webcam. In other words your webcam turn into surveillance system.

You can simply register and install cammster application into your computer after the registeration and installation you can point your camera in important place, if any moment is detected by Cammster it will alert you via email or SMS. Email notification is free but SMS notification not free it will charge cost per notification. It uses only low bandwidth. It uses about 20 Kb per hour if no motion is detected.

Store 10 GB files online via cx

Cx is online service that allows 10 GB free files storage. you will get online storage and able to access your files from anywhere. You can also collaborate files with others. You must download cx software for using this service. It currently supports Windows, Mac, ipad and iphone. They will claim Android version will come soon.

Cx interface is simple after login the account you can simply upload your files into cx. You can also share your files with others. You can create new folders this will helpful for categorise files.

Cx allow 10 GB free files storage if you want to store you can choose different plans. It provide 50 GB, 100 GB and 100 GB plus plans.