Clean Master speed up Android device

As we install more applications on our Android phone, many supporting processes will run on the background and eats up precious RAM. On phones with low memory this will result in low performance and speed. By freeing up memory, the phone can increase its efficiency which has been reduced by of processes running on the background, most of which are not used frequently, or some times, never.

Clean Master is an Android application which helps in removing unwanted applications and
Processes, thus regaining the memory. It can clean up app cache, unused files, residual files,
search history, installed apps as well as it supports moving applications to SD card. It can
also kill running tasks.
Clean Master
The Clean Master dashboard has four sections – history, privacy tasks and app manager. The
History Eraser will help you erase caches and residuals files easily with a single click. Privacy section cleans your social networking activates, SMS etc. The Task Killer can kill apps and release more RAM to speed up your android device and App Manager can back up and uninstall apps easily.

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