Completelock block unauthorized installation of softwares

Sometimes your pc may use by others they may install unnecessary softwares in your pc it may causes stealing your personal details or access your important details. if you want block unauthorized installations of softwares, completelock is a free software that will allows you to monitor and record all new software installation attempts and identify who is trying to install unauthorized software on your PC.

You can easily install completelock into your computer. It helps you to track of all software installations by creating a snapshot of all of your software at run time – you can then later compare and track down exactly what and when a software was either installed or removed from your PC.

It alerts users when they are attempting to install unauthorized software. Send email alerts to system administrators when new software has been installed. Access to the interface is protected by an encrypted password, only allowing administrators to access the configuration interface and reporting tools. Log shows detailed activity including date and a time, the application that was attempted to install.

Download completelock click here

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