Control and manage mobile phone from PC via Moborobo

Most of them keep their important data in mobile phone. Sometimes you need to control and manage mobile phone from PC. Moborobo is software that will allow you to control and manage mobile phone from PC. It works with Android or iPhone. It helps to switching or upgrading to a new phone much easier.

You can simply install Moborobo on your PC after the installation you can connect via USB or Wi-fi. Some phones you need to install USB drivers of the device to establish the connection.

Moborobo help you to back up and restore data, it means you can simply back up your contacts, Logs, apps, files etc.

Moborobo help you to control your calls and SMS. It also ability to send and reply SMS messages through your computer. But you cannot talk from the Moborobo.

You can see the live stream screen of the device this helps you to know what is happening on the device and also take screenshots.

Another important feature is app manager this help you to manage installed apps and installing new apps.


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