Convert Android phone into Gps Tracker

Mobilegpslocator is Android app that will help you to convert your Android Smartphone into a Perfect Gps uses most Advanced RealTime Tracking Algorithm which always knows your current position. If there is no Gps Signal, it will respond with the last position before loosing the Gps Signal.

Mobilegpslocator is a paid service it provides 10 days trail. It works with Android2.1 and more. You can simply install Mobilegpslocator. It provides important feature like Panic Button, Smart engine and Security. Panic Button offer consecutive times will send a message to the registered numbers with the word “help” and a link to a map showing the exact location of the device.

Smart engine service stores in the phone’s memory the last position. In the event that the GPS signal is lost, you can locate the device at address of the location the time right before the signal was lost.

Security means mobile phone is stolen and a different SIM card is installed, a message is automatically and discretely sent to the registered numbers, revealing the phone number that corresponds to the new SIM card.

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