Convert your documents into QR code shares to other via TagMyDoc

You will get lots of websites for sharing documents, TagMyDoc is a free web service that will allows you to share documents in new way. In other word your uploaded documents convert into QR code this code use for sharing files. It doesn’t require any sign up or download. No need to print your documents on paper, simply convert documents into electronic copy.

You can upload files upto 5 MB in TagMyDoc website after the upload you will get a QR code this use for share files. It will support jpg, tiff, png, bmp, doc, docx, ppt, pptx and pdf formats. You must download QR code scanner for read the documents. Most of the mobile phone have QR code scanner. If you sign up in TagMyDoc you will get more settings. The main problem of this service anybody can scan the documents and read it.

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