Create mobile version of website simply via mobstac

Mobile is important part of accessing the internet then the mobile version of website is necessary, mobstac is a service that will help you to create mobile version for your site. You can create mobile websites via simply steps. It is very simply and easy to use anybody. You must sign up in mobstac for creating mobile website.

To create mobile site simply sign up the mobstac account and type in your site’s URL and analyze it after the process you will get code for add badge to appear on your website. Mobstac dashboard provides lots of options for setting the mobile version. You can select variety of mobile ad networks to monetize your traffic.

Mobstac provide three type of plans basic, pro and enterprise. Basic is free but it has some limitations in some facilities. Pro will price $19 per month. Enterprise accounts price will display in mobstac website they request you to contact them.

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