Create your PowerPoint presentations online via 280Slides

280Slides is a free web service that will help you to create and Share PowerPoint presentations online you can easily access your presentation from any computer with internet. It is free and doesn’t require you to download any software for creating your presentation.

To get start first go to 280Slides website and create your slides one by one, after completing all sides you can view this slides.280Slides provides all option in Microsoft PowerPoint ie inserting picture and movies, font, text size, themes, layouts etc.

You can easily search images in the web that you can double-click or drag-and-drop to add to your slides or you can use Flickr for adding photos or just upload your own. You can also quickly add videos from Vimeo and Youtube.

280Slides provides lots of sharing options for created slides you can share your presentation to others via email and embed your presentation in your blog or website. If you want to download this presentation click “download” button you can download your slides.

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