Deletionpedia bring deleted articles from wikipedia

If you are search an article in wikipedia once there exist but now that page doesn’t exist, Deletionpedia will help you finding deleted or removed article. Deletionpedia is a web site containing articles deleted from Wikipedia. Its articles preserve most Wikipedia article content, such as infoboxes, references and categories.Here you can search and read pages that were previously removed from English Wikipedia.

You cannot edit any of the pages uploaded in DeletionPedia. An automated bot uploads pages as they are deleted from Wikipedia and, as you might imagine, some of the stuff at DeletionPedia was taken down because it either became irrelevant or wasn’t all that relevant to begin with. There are other occasional obscure but interesting/useful facts or biographical entries voted off for the subject not being well-known enough.

There are currently about 63,500 deleted pages in its database, and more being added on a regular basis.

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