1. Who is the author of knoltech?

Ans. Litto Thomas is the author of knoltech

2. What is your qualification?

Ans. I hold MBA from Anna University.

3. Additional qualification if any?

Ans.I done web designing course in Arena Multimedia, as a part of that course I studied Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop .I have studied programming language asp.net also.

4. Which software used for creating web pages?

Ans. I am regularly using Dreamweaver for editing HTML code and use Photoshop for editing photo.

5. Which advertisement programme used for publishing ads?

Ans. I am using Google Adsense for publishing Ads. Adsense always publish high quality ads and allow different type of ad format for web pages.

6. How much post publish in a day?

Ans. Regularly post one or two, sometimes may be more than two.