Flash search for Google and Yahoo

Adobe is teaming up with search engine leaders Google and yahoo to improve search results for dynamic Web content and rich Internet applications (RIAs).

Adobe is providing optimized Adobe Flash Player technology to Google and Yahoo to enhance search engine indexing of the Flash file format (SWF) and uncover information that is currently undiscoverable by search engines. Adobe’s Flash Player is installed on 98 per cent of internet connected PCs, making it one of the most pervasive platforms for delivering rich content on websites.

The content inside SWF files has previously been ignored by the search engine, but Adobe has worked with both companies to enable their search engine technology to look inside existing and future SWF content, including text, hyperlinks, audio and video content.

Google has already added the optimized Flash Player to its site to enable its search engine to access SWF files. Yahoo plans to add the technology to a future update of Yahoo Search.

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