Google Suggest will affect on Google search soon

Another search feature is set to move out of Google Lab Google Suggest for search. Google Suggest designed to make queries more efficient and accurate by offering suggestions based on what a user has already typed, offering recommendations from the most popular search options for the term.

Google Suggest is a frontend to Google which will offer suggestions to search for as you type your query. When you type a keyword, a dropdown list will appear with terms beginning with what you have typed and how many results they will yield if you select to search for them. You can use your up/down arrow keys to select one of these suggestions. Alternatively, you can use your mouse to select an option, and initiate the search by clicking on the option.

The number of spelling errors will drop; and whilst this is great for users, it will affect traffic for sites who aim to capitalise on misspelled words through SEO and PPC campaigns. Additionally, as Google will make suggestions based on terms that best satisfy an algorithm, it won’t be long before someone tries to manipulate the terms that appear on Google Suggest to their own advantage.

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