Live Mesh for all

Live Mesh is a data synchronization system from Microsoft that allows files and folders to be shared and synchronized across multiple devices. Live Mesh consists of a software component that allows synchronization relationships to be created among different devices. Once a folder is set for synchronization, it will be available in all devices, and any changes made to the content of the folder will be reflected across all devices.

Microsoft has launched a tech preview of its Live Mesh service, which is designed to keep a person’s documents and media synchronized across a range of computers and mobile devices, while at the same time letting users selectively share items or folders, chat with friends and family, and keep up on news and current events. Live Mesh envisions using the Internet—or, rather, Microsoft’s Web-enabled services— as a central hub or “cloud” for a user’s documents, photos, and messaging, and lets users access those items from any compatible Internet-enabled device. Microsoft plans to extend the technology to selected mobile devices…and even Macs.

Live Mesh enables users to easily share documents and information between devices: computers and mobile devices registered with Live Mesh automatically pick up the latest versions documents and media stored in mesh folders. Users can create and delete mesh folders at will, and password-protect folders with their Windows Live ID; folders can also be shared with selected other users via Windows Live IDs, and file transfers are all protected from snooping by SSL security.

You can sign in live mesh through your hotmail email id.

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