Livedrive unlimited online storage for free

Every online storage service files size is limited by file size, if you want more space pay money for extra storage. Livedrive is another online storage service that provides unlimited online file storage for free. Your files can be accessed from anywhere as Livedrive is even your mobile phones.

After uploading the file you can Send large documents, presentations and ZIP files to contacts and clients. If you create an account in livedrive you will get a portal, this portal help you to share the file with others. For sharing file you provide publicly shared files.

LiveDrive integrates with your Windows Explorer, adding another drive known as L: Drive. You can therefore easily drag and drop all your files to L: Drive and they shall get uploaded to your LiveDrive Account.

LiveDrive allows you to Edit and create Office documents via the web to get full power of Microsoft Office from anywhere and with no need to install any software. LiveDrive will works even when your PC is disconnected.

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