Luxand Blink just look into webcam and login to PC without typing password

Luxand Blink is face recognition software for Windows PCs. You can login your windows without typing any password. User can login windows just looking at the is very simple to use anybody.

You can easily download to your PC, it supports Windows Vista and Seven 32bit only. It requires 8.3 MB space. After installing the software stand front of the webcam and register your face. Next time trying to login it will automatically start webcam and capture your face allow you to login PC.

You can login Blink day or night, Blink claims that they are using advanced biometric identification algorithms that recognize a face if your are change your appearance like grow or shave off beard and mustaches, use makeup or dye you hair, wear or remove glasses or contact lenses will lot affect your login
Download Luxand Blink click here

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