MailBrowser Gmail Plugin for managing your attachments and contacts

MailBrowser is a free Plugin that helps you easily manage attachments and contacts in your Gamil account. MailBrowser allows you consolidated view of all your contacts and attachments in a browser sidebar. Sidebar helps you to search contacts easily and emails received from specific contacts. MailBrowser provides rich preview of attachments.

MailBrowser stores all your data in your hard disk and also keeps a copy of all your attachments in your computer. This application helps you to syncs and backup your Google Contacts. Attachments are stored in individual folders for each contact. You can add any number of email accounts in MailBrowser. You can browse your contacts and attachments through the MailBrowser Sidebar without internet connection. You can add calendar event for a contact.

You can download MailBrowser is very easily it need less than 3 MB. MailBrowser currently works on Windows XP and above, Mac OS X currently support Internet Explorer (IE) 7 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and works with Gmail & Google Apps accounts.


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