Mozilla has introduced an experimental browser add on for its Firefox web browser that essentially allows it to identify your location to enhance your overall browsing experience.

The new geo location service called Geode. it quite simply will make your browser location-aware, tailoring search results, restaurant reviews and even RSS streams to a specific location. With the alpha release of Firefox 3.1 quickly approaching, Mozilla is planning to support the new WC3 Geolocation Specification, which will allow Web browsers to request and be granted access to an individual’s location.

Mozilla claims that they are using Skyhook’s Loki technology to map the Wifi signals in your area to your location. Unlike normal GPS-based methods which can take upwards of 45 seconds for a lock, Geode works both inside and outside with an accuracy of between 10 to 20 meters, normally within a second.

You can download Geode from Mozilla labs.

By Litto Thomas

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