MyOtherDrive.com online file storage and sharing site

MyOtherDrive.com is web based file storage and sharing site that permits files to be uploaded and then shared by select groups, kept private, or made available to the public. Files, photos and movies can be uploaded, stored and shared at discretion.

MyOtherDrive.com is different from other file sharing and data backup sites because it allows the users share their data with privately with family and friends.

MyOtherDrive.com support all types of files — documents, PDFs, audio, and video. The site’s viewers also let you preview files without downloading them. MyOtherDrive.com helps you build a “social network” with other members of MyOtherDrive.com. You can email hyperlinks to non-members so they can access your files.

The free version gives you 5GB of storage and 10GB/month of bandwidth. The “Pro” versions offer unlimited bandwidth and from 25GB to 400GB of storage at costs ranging from $1.99 to $9.99 per month. More details click here.

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