Nokia E66 & E71 launched

Nokia introduce two new models in its E-series catalogue–Nokia E71 and Nokia E66.The smart phone has been packed with a combination of great looks and excellent features. Unlike its predecessors, Nokia N71 has a keyboard that is much more rigid, doing away with the spongy feel. This means that you can now type your messages as well as e-mails much more quickly.

Though not a touch screen device like the iPhone,the E-66 has a sleek slider top and the E-71 a QWERTY keyboard that makes e-mail easier. The devices can support corporate software applications.

The E71 features a full BlackBerry-esque Qwerty keyboard and handset styling, while the E66 slider gives email connectivity options, including Gmail and Windows Live.The E66 has HSDPA connectivity for speedy downloads and has both Wi-Fi and Assisted GPS on board. The phones are equipped with a 2.4 inch screen and a 3.2-megapixel camera. The memory is expandable up to 8GB, and the battery will hold out for at least 7.5 hours.

Nokia has added plenty of software, so that you can take advantage of each and every function.

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