OUTDATEfighter find updates for installed softwares

Most of them install lots of software in their system but some software need to update for better working. It is a difficult tasks for update each application. OUTDATEfighter is an application that helps you to find out new updates and notify you. You can simply install OUTDATEfighter in your PC. Your PC will have always latest versions and newest features.

After the installation you can scan your pc for software updates and update it directly. To scan your system simply clicks on “Scan for Program Updates” button. When you scan in OUTDATEfighter that will analyse the installed version and check newer version is available. OUTDATEfighter provide a list of installed application and its updates links. For updates application selects which application want to update and updates it. OUTDATEfighter work with Windows7, Windows8, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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