Picupine simple way to Share your Photos Online

    If you want to share photos with others, Picupine is a simple photo sharing web service that allows you to upload up to 20 pictures at a time. The website doesn’t need any registration and you can upload up to 5 MB per picture.

    In the home page of the site you can see a form Give your photo album a title and load up the album by browsing to images on your hard drive. Enter a description for each image and hit upload when you’re done. Once all of the images have been uploaded, you’ll receive a URL that you can share with others. The URL of your album exists 7 days After 7 days, your URL disappears and your images are deleted from the server.

    You can Upload and share up 20 images in one session. Picupine provides option edit (crop, rotate) your images, change descriptions, add title etc.

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