Plume Pod mesh based home Wi-Fi system

Now, wifi is a most important part of life. Sometimes wifi router do not provide full coverage of entire home. Then, you need to extend wifi coverage. Plume is a mesh based home Wi-Fi system that provides coverage in every room of your home. Place a pod in rooms where you want internet.Pod has a single ethernet port and plugs directly into a power outlet.

It connects over multiple 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, providing uniform coverage around on your home. You connect one of the Plume Pods to an internet source, it works as your main router. Now plug the rest of the pods around the house and you have just created an extended or “mesh” Wi-Fi network.

The company recommends putting one pod in each room in one’s home. Price of one pode is $69, $179 for three or get a six-pack for $329 from Plume’s online store .Shipping is three to four weeks.

Plume Pod

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