Protect your android phone via Avira Free Android Security

Most of the people keep their personal details in mobile phones sometime it may missing or stolen then you personal details may access the other persons. If you want to protect from moblie Avira Free Android Security is an android app that will protect your phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, it helps you recover the phone via GPS.

After the installation of Avira Free Android Security you must login into here you can access the phone details. If your phone is stolen logging on to the Web Console from any browser, you can trigger a loud noise from the device, even if it was in silent mode. Avira Free Android Security can locate your device’s signal and display its location on a Google map.

Sometimes your personal details may use other person. The Remote Lock feature locks the device from the web and can even display a message to the person who finds the device. Avira Free Android Security accommodates up to five devices on a single account.

Download Avira Free Android Security click here

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