Scandy 3D scan for Android users

Now 3D is most important part of digital world.3D scanning is very expensive. Scandy new project that
enables Android users can capture, share, and print 3D content from any device. It allows anyone to capture full color 3D scans and order full color 3D prints from one app in under 5 minutes. Scandy tracks and scans objects in real time, resolving every frame on device in an average of .32 seconds.

To scan images attach pmd pico flexx ToF 3D sensor in your phone. Scandy will enable Android users to create detailed 3D scans of objects in real time, offering the same level of quality as professional scanning equipment.

Scandy app will enable Android users to easily create and modify 3D meshes that are optimized for 3D printing. Scandy bounding box ranges from .5 meters to four meters with feature resolution of .3 mm.


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