Screencastle simply way to record your computer screen

If you want to record your computer screen, Screencastle is will help you to record your computer screen. ScreenCastle is a Java-based tool for recording screencasts from your web browser. it is very simple and easy to use no sign up is required for record your screen.

To record your screen first goes to screencastle webpage here you can see a large record button. Once you click on button screenCastle uses Java to record screen. If you don’t have java screencastle will not record (click here to download java).After clicking on record, select the size and the section of the screen you want to record. You also have the option to record audio from a microphone. Stop recording after you finish and select preview screencast option. It will upload the screencast and in few seconds you will get all the links you need for viewing, downloadinf, and html embed codes etc for your screencast.

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    Very helpful information,

    Please let me know were can i download it , and also hoe i can show my siftware demo using this product

    Please comment for the will be very helpful


    Fasil Abbas

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