If you are searching particular topic in internet it is difficult to search every search engines. Nginer is a multi search engine it will allow you to search different search engines. It allow you to search in different categories i.e. job, download, books, blogs etc.

When you start your search the top search engines button will appear. You can select your search engine via simple mouse clicks. The most important feature of this search engine is you can search topic in different categories.

By Litto Thomas

Litto Thomas is the author of knoltechblog. It contains News and articles on latest technology, gadgets, mobile phones, softwares and smart phones.

4 thought on “Search different topic in different categories via nginer multi search engine”
  1. I am pleased as I found this useful community knoltechblog.com I am thinking that far more articles need publishing now that google has reduced there value whats the most effective strategy to automate article syndication , hope this is not in the wrong category but this seemed to be OK!

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