Send large size files to other via clicktocopy

Clicktocopy is a free web service that will help you to send large file of any size to others.It connects two computers independent of their geographical locations and their network restrictions. It doesn’t matter whether you or your recipients are behind a firewall or a proxy server.It doesn’t require any download for using this service.Click2Copy is written in Java and runs in the browser by means of the Java-Plugin integrated in it.Click2Copy is working directly in your browser. You send any type of files.

To send files simply upload your files into clicktocopy website then you will get a URL this use for share files to others. The receivers go to “Receive the file” option in clicktocopy website and download the file. It connects sender’s computer and receiver’s computer only then the file is not store on servers. The file transfer speed depends upon the actual speed of the internet. You can send files to other via simple mouse clicks.

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