Share larges files quickly via justbeamit

If you want to share large files to others, Justbeamit is a free web service that will help you to share files to others via simple mouse clicks. You can share files upto 2GB.It doesn’t require any sign up. You can simply upload your files and download it quickly. It is very simply and easy to use anybody.

To share files simply upload your files into justbeamit after the upload you will get a link this used for share the files.The recipient simply type the link it will download automatically. The sender of the files doesn’t close the page until the transfer is complete. After the transfer is complete, you will see the message “transfer completed!” You can now safely close your browser window. No files save on servers it is a peer to peer transfer. Download file once the URL will not open next time. In other words it will delete the files after download.

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