SISSurvey publish your polls and surveys in blog or website

If you want to publish polls and surveys in your blog or website, SISSurvey is a website which allows you to create surveys and polls .you can use these polls and surveys in your blog, website and even your social networks profile also.
You can simply create polls in SISSurvey after creating your poll you will get direct link it can sent via mail. It provides JavaScript Method, Flash embed Method and Social Share also. JavaScript Method is a good method for website. In Flash embed Method you can simply embed your polls in any html page. Another important option is you can publish your polls in your social networking profile.

Features of SISSurvey

*you can export your result as XML, CSV and subscribe to your results via RSS.
*Close surveys after a certain date or quotas has been reached, and create custom start and finish pages for your survey.
*Insert HTML directly allowing you to add pictures, video and more.
*11 question types to choose from with multiple options for each.
*Create multi question, multi page surveys with ease using our new advanced survey editor

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