Slimpdfreader smallest PDF reader

Slimpdfreader is a smallest PDF reader in the world. It claims that 10% of the size of Adobe readers and view all PDF documents. It is free and easy to download your PC.

On installation, you can register for to get latest updates, if you are not interested in updates you can skip from registration process. After installing the PDF reader you can see “Open a PDF file” button click on that button and open your PDF files. It eliminate bloatware and help your computer run faster. You can also view and print documents quickly.

Slimpdfreader provides lots of option for creating your PDF files richer i.e. zoom, fit page, fit width, normal view, rotate etc. Slimpdfreader also provide more advance options i.e. PDF editing, split and merge PDF, PDF creation etc.

The size of the slimpdfreader is 1.3 MB it will support Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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