Social network war-Facebook far ahead MySpace

Facebook ahead Rupert Murdoch owned Myspace in number of visitors. In May, Facebook had 123.9 million unique visitors and 50.6 billion page views worldwide, according to the research firm ComScore. MySpace, meanwhile, had 114.6 million unique visitors and 45.4 billion page views. According to the Reston research firm, this is the first time Facebook has edged past MySpace in those measures. MySpace currently holds 60 percent of the social networking ads.50 percent of the online ads are come from in US. Social network sites expect more income from ads previously advertisers spend small amount for Social network sites.

MySpace was launched in 2003 Mark Zuckerberg owned Facebook was launched in 2004, and use of the site was limited to students until September 2006.

Murdoch recently said Facebook is a “flower of one month,” and he claims that visitors are spend more time in Myspace. Myspace add new features to attract more visitors.

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