Sprout easily build, publish and manage rich media Web content

Sprout is a new website that helps anyone add rich, sophisticated, interactive multimedia web content to your website or blog. Sprout allows users to create “sprouts,” which are multimedia Flash interfaces that can be created without knowing how to program in either Macromedia Flash or HTML.

Sprout allows you to add some general items into your flash like button, calendar, dropdown etc. Thumbnails, Slideshows, Timers etc. are created through few mouse clicks. If you want to add some real-time data, you can use sproutbuilder all the same for adding GoogleCharts, GoogleForms, Yahoo Maps, PollDaddy and even fetch feeds from blogs or anywhere etc.

For creating content select your favorite Pre-built templates from Sprout and drag your content into templates. You can upload and then add a variety of multimedia content to your sprout, including images, video, audio, flash files, and more. Publishing your sprout is easy, you can copy the code to embed in any Web site, use the quick post feature to place in your blog or social networking profile.

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